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The Parental Figure

Matific wants to support dedicated teachers who work tirelessly to personlise lessons and make sure that every student has access to the exact content they need.

Matific Groups allows you to arrange your class into small groups so that you can target the individual needs of your students much easier.


Every school has a few teachers who just seem to know their students so well. With Matific’s new personalisation features you can become everyone's school parent.

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Everyone starts the year with “Super Organised Teacher” as their goal but come April when the "to-do list" and old habits take over you might often find yourself scrambling.

Matific’s Mobile Teacher App is a great way to stay organised and ensure that your class has their maths activities set each and every week.

The app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. Simply search "Matific Teacher" in the app or google play store.

Super Organised

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Crazy Busy


All teachers will find themselves identifying with the crazy busy teacher at some point throughout the year....normally during report writing time.

Matific's Auto Assign feature is a fantastic way to keep your students ticking along without you needing to do anything at all.

Simply sit back and let the Matific algorithm find activities for your students to complete. You will be sent an email at the end of  each week detailing their progress.

There is no denying though that “Data” and reporting is a big part of teaching. In the classroom today the amount of data available can sometimes be overwhelming. That is why Matific has created simple and easy to digest reports with more informative data, including the number of attempts, total duration and overall improvement.

Whether you view these on our mobile app or on a PC Matific makes it very easy to see how your students are progressing. Simply click the Reports tab within your teacher centre.

Data Nerd


The Fun One

Whether it is a windy day, full moon or it has been a week of rain and cabin fever is setting in, sometimes you need to let your hair down and do something different.

Matific’s maths content is designed not only to challenge students but also make it really fun.

If you're looking to mix things up in your class and integrate some technology then the Matific platform is the perfect combination of high-quality pedagogy, gamificiation and engagement.