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Welcome to Victoria Shanghai Academy’s online mathematics learning platform


Why does VSA use an online mathematics learning platform?

為甚麼 VSA 需要使用網上數學學習平台?

  • To reinforce mathematical concepts and skills students have learned in the classroom

  • To provide regular practice to strengthen brain pathways and memory

  • To give the opportunity for students to practice at anytime in both English and Chinese

  • To provide activities aligned to our VSA curriculum

  • 鞏固學生在課堂中學習到的數學概念和技巧

  • 提供定期練習加強大腦思考和記憶能力

  • 讓同學有機會練習中文題目和英文題目

  • 提供配合VSA數學課程的練習

How should you use it?


  • Complete activities assigned by your teachers

  • Repeat activities to reinforce your understanding

  • Practice freely with ‘full course’

  • Remember to use both your Chinese and English logins for bilingual practice

  • 完成老師指派的練習

  • 複習以加強理解

  • 自由練習「獎金任務」

  • 記得登入英文和中文網頁進行雙語練習

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