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We know how stressful it can get...

Avoid burn out this school year with Matific, an adaptive online K-6 math resource. 

Don't have time to plan your math lessons?

See how Matific can help. Get instant access and try it with your class for free

Don't have time to personalize your teaching, while preparing for the next big test?

Staying up late marking papers and preparing reports? 

Having trouble getting your students to stay engaged and focused? 

While you focus on what you do best, Matific can:

Automatically assign math activities and worksheets chosen specifically for your students, and align to your chosen curriculum.

Provide actionable insights with a powerful real-time reporting tool, so that you can identify any gaps in learning as they happen.

Allow you to take control and drive your students learning and easily integrate with any teaching and learning style. 

Keep students excited and engaged with proven gamification techniques that encourage learning through discovery and supports STEM education.