It is easy to tell your parent community about the Matific. Download our parent letter to announce your participation in using Matific. You can include it as part of your school newsletter or use the link on your school website.

Parent Letter


Looking for an easy way to get your school up and running with Matific?
Download the Quick Start Guide and talk to your teachers about how they can implement Matific today!

Quick Start Guide

Teacher Top Tips - Parent Top Tips

Download the Teacher and Parent Top Tip Sheets and talk to your community about how they can implement Matific today!

Matific Case Studies

Matific spent some time working with our passionate teachers chatting about how they use Matific. If your teachers are looking for some inspiration then look no further!

Case Study.JPG

Matific's Global Research Results

Matific's efficacy has been demonstrated across many cultures and curricula. A number of academic studies have shown that Matific doesn't just improve academic results, but significantly increases engagement with mathematics.


Matific ambassadors are real teachers working with real students. They assisted in the creation of a short mini series called "Matific in the Classroom".

Matific in the classroom videos

If your students have lost or misplaced their Matific login cards it is very easy to re-print another copy. Simply login to your Matific account and then click the button below.

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Student Login Cards

Celebrate your students' achievements with quick and easy to create Matific Certificates. You can do this by logging in to your Matific account and navigating to "Class Management". Or you can Download it here.

Student Certificate.JPG

Student Certificate

Facebook Community

The Matific Facebook page in your region is a great way to ensure that you are staying up to date with all things in the Matific world. Join today.

Matific Ambassadors

Join a group of enthusiastic educators, who share your vision to change the way mathematics is perceived by children around the world. 


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