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Provide your school community with easy access to our Matific page by including a Matific link on your school website and class pages. Download the Matific logo for your site.

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For your school office

Partnering with your parent community is a great way to ensure that the work you're doing at school is continued at home. Tell your parents that you're a Matific school with this Matific Certificate. Perfect for the front office.

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Who is Matific

Learn more about Matific and see how Matific is being adopted by schools and governments around the world.

Looking for an easy way to get your school up and running with Matific?
Download the Quick Start Guide and talk to your teachers about how they can implement Matific today!

Quick Start Guide

Matific Case Studies

Matific spent some time working with our passionate teachers chatting about how they use Matific. If your teachers are looking for some inspiration then look no further!

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Fundraising for Matific

Join thousands of others school that are looking to get the support of the community to fund their Matific licences. 

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Academic Research Paper

Associate Professor Catherine Attard from Western Sydney University conducted research on behalf of Matific looking to evaluate the impact that it has on the students learning.

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Security Information

This document details the extent to which Matific goes to, to ensure the security and safety of the data we collect.

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Minimum Technical Requirements

This information is great for the IT people at school to be across. It will ensure that they can prepare any changes that might be needed for Matific's use.

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Send these resources home to your parent community

Parent Letter

It is easy to tell your parent community about Matific. Download our parent letter to announce your participation in using Matific. You can include it as part of your school newsletter or use the link on your school website.


Download the Teacher and Parent Top Tip Sheets and talk to your community about how they can implement Matific today!

Parent Tip Sheet


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