Plan it, Film it, Screen it!

Do any of your students love making videos? Would they love to see their videos go viral and have a chance to win some great prizes in the process?

Matific is encouraging teachers and students to celebrate mathematical learning, engagement and creativity by entering a film in the Matific Maths Film Festival.

All primary school students are invited to participate. To be in the running to win some great prizes, simply choose a Matific episode, and then plan, film and screen a creative review - it's really that easy! 

You don't even need a Matific Login to take part! 


How to Participate

Organise your team

You can be in a team or by yourself. Each group can have a maximum of 4 students. It might be helpful for each group member to take on a differnet role for the video. For example: - Recorder - responsible for the camera being used to film the video - Reporter - responsible for making sure that what is said is loud and clear - Writer - responsible for writing what is going to be said - Editor - responsible for putting the video together before finalising. It can be a team effort and these roles are only guides.

Plan it

Students are required to choose a Matific activity from the options below. All entries must ensure that they answer the following 3 questions as part of their review: 1. Why did you choose this Matific episode? 2. What skill are you learning/practicing? 3. How do you know if you're getting better?

Film it

After the planning has finished students need to record their episode review. Students can use many different audio/visual programs to put their reivew together, whatever they need to bring their vision to life. There are a lot of free apps available that will work just fine. The video must be between 2 and 4 minutes long and needs to address the three key questions listed above.

Screen it

Send us your video and fill in the submission form before the end of Term 4, 2018. Once you have submitted the video we will share it on our YouTube channel and send you your video entry link. This new link that we send you is your competition entry that you can share out with the world. We need to store the video on our own Youtube channel so that we can properly count the views.

Win amazing prizes

Get more people to watch your video by asking school, family and friends to share it. Videos that get a lot of views can win certificates, trophies and movie vouchers! Good luck and get started! Plan it, Film it, Screen it!

Choose your episode

Year 5 & 6

Year 3 & 4

Year K/R, 1 & 2


Win some amazing prizes

   Certificates                                  Trophies                             Movie Vouchers


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to win prizes?

In order to win some of the amazing prizes you must submit your episode review video properly with accurate details on the form. All email entries need to have a legitimate email address and phone number attached. Entries must be from students and the work must be that of the students within the group. Teachers and Parents are encouraged to be involved but asked to please allow the students to take complete "creative control".

How do you submit the video?

All entries need to fill out the submission form with accurate contact details. Once this submission form is complete you will be sent instructions to submit your videos through the email entered in the form.

How do I win prizes?

Winners will be decided by the public! After all the submissions have been made and the Matific team has uploaded the videos to the Matific Youtube channel. We will then send a unique URL to the email address included in the submission form (so please make sure it is accurate). This URL will act as your official Matific Film Festival entry. We will provide links to every submission on our Matific Film Festival Page however you are encouraged to share the link around in your own network. The videos that generate the most views will be the ones that win the bigger prizes!

How will we know if we have won?

If you or your team has won, we will contact you through the email and phone number you have entered in the video submission form. This is why it is important to fill in this form with accurate information... Once the competition winners have been notified a public announcement will be made on our Facebook page and also here on this page. Prize ceremonies will be organised with the schools if possible.



Upload your video

Example Videos

Tips and Tricks

There are many ways you can upload your finished video to share it with Matific. The link below will outline these options.

The video submissions that are sent through to Matific as part of this competition will be available for the public to view here.

We want you to be as creative as you can be but if you're stuck check out our tips and tricks guide to help you out. 

Terms and Conditions apply. For more information, please email us at