Schools trialling Matific have a great opportunity to use this time to fundraise for the school. Download the Fundraiser Pack and raise money at your school for maths resources.

Download the full fundraising pack

This poster can be printed out and hung around the school to give students great ideas on how to raise as much money as they can during the Matific experience.

Fundraiser Tip Sheet

Information Letters

Each of these three letters are able to be printed out and sent to the different sections of the school community. They outline all of the relevant information for the Matific Maths for Fun Challenge.

Use the school and class donation thermometers to track how you are going with the money that you're bringing in to the school fundraiser.

School/Class Donation Thermometers

This envelope cover can be sent home and is a great way to help students keep their fundraising money in one place. It also helps out the teachers and admin staff!

Fundraising Envelope

This sponsorship form is the best way for students to keep track of who is donating for them and how many activities they need to do. 

Fundraising Sponsorship Form


Frequently asked questions

What is the Matific's Maths for fun Challenge

If your school is using Matific then the Maths for fun challenge is a great way to raise funds for the school by children completing Matific episodes.

Why should my school take part in the Matific maths for fun Challenge

There are many reasons why a school should run the Matific maths for fun challenge but the main one is that the money you raise can be used to purchase Matific! Many schools raise more money than they need so not only do they have enough money to get Matific in their school but they can also put the money towards other school resources.

What are the important things I need to do?

Firstly it is important that you have organised to have access to Matific. If you haven't done this then please contact Once you have your Matific access sorted then you need to request a Matific Fundraiser Pack. This will give you all the posters, parent letters, newsletter information etc that you need, to let your community know about the fundraiser.

What time frame do I need to run this?

We recommend that you give the school community at least 3 weeks to run the fundraiser. - 1 week to advertise to the school community that the fundraiser will be starting - 2 weeks to collect the money and complete all the Matific activities.

How do people donate?

Donations can be made either through the families collecting money and taking the donations to school directly or donations can be made online through the school's personalised donation page.

How do we collect the online funds?

Matific will help create a school fundraising page so that the URL can be shared with the community. All funds raised online are subject to the website's standard 3% commission. None of this money is owned by Matific. We are merely helping the school generate some "viral" online momentum for their fundraising.

Are we locked in to anything by running this fundraiser?

Absolutely not! The Matific trial and fundraising opportunity that the school is completing, in no way locks the school into purchasing Matific. Furthermore, the funds raised by the school are owned by the school and Matific makes no money from this fundraising process.

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