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Changing the lives of children through the power of education. 


The Matific Foundation has a goal to change the way that students around the world interact with Mathematics. Education has the power to dramatically improve life outcomes for students everywhere however in some parts of the world, through no fault of their own, students are not given these opportunities. The Matific Foundation, in collaboration with local and global partners look to balance out these opportunities.   

The Matific Foundation has partnered with Mr Leon Kamenev and is excited to announce that in 2019 we will launch our very first project, the $5 Million NIKI Initiative.


Mr. Kamenev has generously donated $1 Million (AUD) in computer hardware and the remaining $4 Million comes in Matific software licences from the Matific Foundation.


This initiative aims to start working towards the goal of changing life outcomes for students in Nigeria, India, Kenya and Indonesia

Schools and communities in these countries are invited to work with their staff and students to submit applications to the Matific Foundation for the available grants. Please note that all applications must be finalised and submited before the 1st of March 2019.

Application Process

Check eligibilty

Schools invited to apply for the grants being made available through the Matific Foundation must comply with a few simple criteria. These criteria are designed not to exclude any worthy reciepients but to ensure that those who are successful are able to make full use of the digital program. The successful school must: - Be geographically located in Nigeria, India, Kenya or Indonesia - Have students that are aged between 5-12 years old - Have intermittent access to the internet - Have access to electricity (for charging/powering computers and tablet devices)

Select the grant catgory that applies to your school.

The Matific Foundation is making it as easy as possible for schools to be able to apply for a grant. By offering two options for grant applications schools are able to ensure that they are specifically targeting the grant option which will impact their school the most. Option 1 - Matific Software Grant. This grant has $3,000,000 available for distribution and is for schools that have established hardware devices at the school. The Matific Software will be provided to the successful schools applicants completely free of charge. Matific's award winning resources are key to improving educational outcomes for students and this has been proven in multiple studies conducted in communities all around the world. Option 2 - Hardware + Software Grant. This grant has $2,000,000 available for distribution and is for schools that have internet and electricitiy available but are not able to make the impact required due to a lack of devices and quality educational resources. Mr Kamenev has kindly donated $1 million (AUD) for hardware devices which will be combined with an additional $1 million of Matific software. Through local and global partners, the Matific Foundation will work to bring the tablet devices to the schools so that they can access quality resources, including Matific.

Prepare the application

Applications must include the following important information: 1. Applicants Name 2. Applicants Email 3. School Name 4. School Address 5. School Size (Students) 6. School website (If one exists) 7. Information regarding the school's access to internet 8. Current school computer infrastructure, including a list of devices within the school 9. Information regarding the schools access to electricity 10. Name of the closest major city Applications are encouraged to include the following information either written or through video: 1. A statement on how the grant would specifically improve the educational outcomes of students. 2. A statement on how the resources would be integrated into the everyday teaching of students. 3. A statement on why the school should be considered for the grant.

Submit the application

All submissions must be made before the 1st of March. There is a form available online here for schools to complete, alternatively submissions can be sent to


Key Dates for Submissions

1st December 2018

Applications Open




1st March 2019

NIKI Initiative Launch

7th December 2018






Applications Close 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Matific?

Matific is an online maths resource company that creates activities, games and digital teaching tools for primary school aged children. The award winning resource is available in over 50 countries and in 28 languages. Please visit the Matific website for more information.

Where do we work?

In 2018-2019 the Matific Foundation is focussing on the countries in the NIKI initiative. These countries again include Nigeria, India, Kenya and Indonesia. Matific however operates in over 50 countries around the world, more information can be found on the Matific website.

About us

The Matific Foundation looks to work with global and local partners to carry out the initiative and goals that it is working on. Currently with the NIKI initiative Matific is working to improve the educational opportunities of disadvantaged students.